The Witch Doctor of Lymphatic Drainage.

Her consistently booked schedule speaks volumes. Leslie Forsyth is an intuitive healer than understands the lymph system. She's magic. A true diamond in the rough. A session with her is more about uncovering root issues than it is a superficial, therapeutic technique.

For over twenty-three years, Leslie Forsyth has been practicing manual lymphatic drainage and various healing modalities. While she may have a website, her client base finds her through word of mouth and her consistently booked schedule speaks volumes. 

I learned of Leslie just before Covid hit. I was at a networking event (remember those?) for wellness-minded entrepreneurs and leaned in when a few words caught my ear. Several of the women were raving about a woman they referred to affectionately as the “Witch Doctor,” “amazing” and “intuitively healing.” 

Just up my alley. I was instantly intrigued. 

Fast forward to 2022 and I finally called her up to schedule an appointment. 

I do not know what I was expecting, but I was not disappointed. 

Forsyth works out of her home in East Plano, so until you are booked, you will not know her address. For some reason, I skipped over this minor detail in our text communication and when I arrived, I thought maybe I had taken a wrong turn. But perfectly on time, Forsyth greeted me through the door of her cute little home, as another client exited to their car. 

One of the first things I noticed about her, was her skin. Her complexion was perfectly smooth, clear and appeared baby soft, her eyes pristinely white— an indication of VERY healthy internal organs.

As you enter her quaint little home, she will show you to a room off the hallway that has been converted into a massage therapy room. It’s nothing fancy, but I felt perfectly safe, secure and comfortable. Some of the best kept secrets don’t need illusions of grandiosity

Before the session: 

You can leave your clothes on, or get undressed as you would in a massage. Forsyth explained that many of her older clients like to stay dressed. I took off everything but my underwear. 


Leslie reminds me of gentle and magical rainstorm.

With spa music playing in the background, the session itself was relaxing and therapeutic. As expected, it was very different than a regular massage. It was almost as if her fingers were raindrops gently pitter-pattering on my skin— easing all tension. 

Forsyth’s touch is delicate but intuitive. She gracefully works on different areas of the body specific to your body’s feedback to touch. Similar to acupuncture, the points she works on correspond with different organs and systems in the body. 

At one point she was focused on an area of my neck. I asked what was up and she told me she was trying to break up some light congestion in my liver. Which would make sense– heywine!


At the end of the session (about an hour), I felt calm, elevated and content. I was also ready to use to the restroom immediately afterwards. A good lymphatic drainage session will work lymph from your tissues for your body to eliminate. 

Lymphatic massage is great detoxifying and de-puffing your body– but you might feel a little puffy just afterwords, as lymph has been stirred up. But a bit of time later in the day, you will notice a slimmer face, and/or limbs, if not immediately afterward. It really just depends on what toxins and build-up your body is currently dealing with.

As you should with any massage technique, but especially after a lymphatic treatment, drinking 4-5 glasses of water will further help your body to flush out toxins. 

Following a session with colon hydrotherapy will further accelerate the effects of a great lymphatic drainage session.

Leslie is located in Plano. You can book with her by texting: 214.502.8988 but check her out here too. Some of her clients visit her once a month, others– weekly. If we could ALL see her weekly, the world would be a better place.

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