Healthy Habits? Or holding you back.

Society makes nutrition 🍎 complicated. While “health” is not a “one-size-fits-all” package, @FGD we like to simplify it into bite sized knowledge drops of what we like to call– “common sense” nutrition.

Here are some common “healthy habits” that could be holding you back from achieving superior health.


Is all protein created equally?

Protein, or amino acids, are a critical component to life, so we often associate eating protein with health, regardless of the format we consume it in. 

Unfortunately, many protein and snack bars available are loaded with highly processed protein “isolates,” sweeteners and inflammatory ingredients, additives and oils. While these protein bars and powders may be tasty and temporarily satisfying, they can wreak havoc on the digestive system, create inflammation in the body and are not an ideal source of nourishment for the brain, or active muscle recovery.

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Want real results? Eat real food.

Be cautious as to what foods you place on a pedestal. Calories and carbs are not the villains.

These days it is commonplace to stumble upon a bag of chips plastered with a “plant-based” logo, cookies advertised as “Keto” and cereal as “high-protein.” These buzzwords lead shoppers to believe they are making a healthier choice, without really knowing what they are consuming. 

Secret? It is the ingredients that actually matter.


Spin for a Cause.

If you step into a Terlingo Cycle class with John Terlingo, you quickly realize this is not an ordinary spin class.

It is no wonder Terlingo has a cult following of riders. The candle lit studio holds 42 bikes and the class we went to was packed with jazzed humans, excited to mount their ride. For 45 minutes, the music pulsed and we forgot to think about anything other than the ride and the music.

This Saturday (10/15/22), Terlingo opens its 42 bikes on a donation only basis, to support the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge, preceeding the Farrah Fawcett Foundation’s fundraising event on Oct 20th which benefits both Hope Lodge and Stand Up to Cancer. 

Eat & Drink

What you should know about your cup of Joe.

Coffee is the #1 highest sprayed crop. Many of these pesticides and insecticides sprayed directly on the crops end up in the coffee that we drink. YIKES.

But wait… there is more! In addition to pesticides, mycotoxins, produced by certain types of molds play a big part in terrorizing the body.

Stubborn weight? Headaches? Hormonal imbalances? Depression? Mood swings… joint pain? If you are sipping on coffee right now, you need to read this article.


What’s up with Lymphatic Massage?

Lymphatic massage and lymphatic drainage techniques may be a hot topic in Dallas… but they not just some trendy therapy.

An unmoving body of water is dirty 🤢. A moving body of water runs clear 💧.

When the lymph in our body becomes stagnant and unmoving, our immune system suffers, we are more likely to feel bloated, puffy, lethargic and just ICK 🤢.

We are a big fan of lymphatic therapies. While they may feel luxurious, they can leave you feeling and looking like a whole new person. 🤩

Check out this article to learn more about WHAT lymph is… and what you can do on a regular basis to keep that lymph moving, outside of these magical treatments.