The Scoop on Soup. Is it healthy?

If your typical salad, or smoothie does not sound appetizing right now, relax— our bodies are designed to crave watery, light and cooling food during the longer, sunnier, summer months and heavier, warmer foods, as the days get shorter and colder. 

Soup can be a delicious and healthy option! But… if you are picking up soup at the store, you might want to read these tips on how to select a healthy soup. Many store bought soups can leave you feeling puffy and just ICK.


What’s really in your wine and spirits?

Hungover? We hate that for you. But the interesting thing is, it may not actually be related to the alcohol.

Truth Bomb: There are no labeling laws for wine, meaning that wine is far from just a bottle of grapes and yeast. 

According to a study published by Cornell, there can be up to 72 chemical additives! EEK. Read on to learn more about your wine and spirits.


Tips for kicking butt in 2023.

This year my new year’s resolution for everyone is that we start with something small and watch it grow.

Skip the big resolutions that seem far fetched. Let’s be real here and by being real, you will get real results.

Read on to see how you can achieve your wellness goals this year. For real this time.


The candle dilemma. 

The global Candle Market was valued USD 6.8 Billion in 2021. WOW. Right?

Have asthma? Allergies? You might want to read this article.

In 2001, United States Environmental Protection Agency posted a report about potential sources of indoor pollution, including candles and incense.

A candle may look snazzy but at what price to your overall well-being?


(Real) Butter is Better.

With all the butter alternatives out there, it seems there is a quest against real butter.

But Is butter actually bad for you?!
Did you grow up with margarine, or butter? I grew up pulling a glorious tub of creamy yellow spread from the fridge and slathering it all over my toast. “I can’t believe it’s not butter,” was the theme of my upbringing and we hailed margarine for its angelic charm and forgiving nature. 

Modern margarine is made by highly processing and refining “vegetable oil” and water– and it is not a friendly oil.

Read on to get the scoop.


Is all protein created equally?

Protein, or amino acids, are a critical component to life, so we often associate eating protein with health, regardless of the format we consume it in. 

Unfortunately, many protein and snack bars available are loaded with highly processed protein “isolates,” sweeteners and inflammatory ingredients, additives and oils. While these protein bars and powders may be tasty and temporarily satisfying, they can wreak havoc on the digestive system, create inflammation in the body and are not an ideal source of nourishment for the brain, or active muscle recovery.

Get the full scoop…