About FGD.

Lauren Talbot Gillan, C.N. Certified Nutritionist

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The Scoop.

Howdy! My name is Lauren and I am a holistic nutritionist, foodie, author, and just all around wellness nerd.

In 2019, I decided I had moved around enough and wanted to settle back in Dallas where I previously had a private nutrition practice.

Once I got here, I quickly realized a few things.

  1. “Hmm. I really don’t know anyone here anymore.”
  2. “I have no idea how to find anything!” I wanted to know the best wellness therapies, workouts, healthiest places to eat, grab drinks, shop, etc.

I created Feel Good Dallas to be a guide and resource for individuals looking to live their healthiest, happiest, most beautiful lives.

What you’ll find:

Authentic reviews from us based on our personal experiences.

Wellness Therapies we have tried and benefited from.

Places we like to eat/drink because of their healthy, allergen-friendly and flexible options.

Workouts we love.

Recipes that we wrote.

Experiences we have enjoyed.

What FGD is not.

Ads. We’re not into the whole sponsored articles thing (cough, cough) ads.

When I came to Dallas, I had so much trouble finding authentic, unsponsored information. While we may get free stuff sometimes, or earn some sort of minor commission– We only write about things that we’d recommend to our friends and that add value to our lives.

Any ad you may see in the future will be something we use ourselves.

Disclaimer: While I am a holistic nutritionist, Feel Good Dallas is not meant to replace the advice of your healthcare practitioner, or nutritionist, that understands your medical history and lifestyle. Feel Good Dallas is meant to act as a resource for finding and exploring wellness things in and around DFW.

Please read out full disclaimer– here.