Healthy Swaps. Not sacrifices.

Diets are not sustainable for a number of reasons, but often because they can feel overly restrictive and limiting. When the pendulum swings to one extreme, it often swings back.

Little daily swaps can help you to feel better faster, without also feeling like you are missing out on foods and flavors you love.

Check out these 5 swaps and tips.


The Esthetician that Invests in You.

Regardless of your skincare woes, if you are looking for an excellent esthetician that will be incredibly invested in your skincare journey, I’d highly recommend traveling the distance to McKinney and working with Allie Nicole.

Allie’s knowledge, attention to detail and careful consideration is like no other esthetician I have worked with. Each time I leave her space, I feel rejuvenated, glowing, hydrated, depuffed and hopeful.

“My goal is to help you understand why you’re experiencing various skin conditions and provide long term solutions, not just “band-aid solutions,” Allie says.

We believe it.
She’s worth the drive.


The TINY Superfood you should be eating.

Microgreens are like “pre-vegetables.”

They are nutritional powerhouses. Each tiny microgreen harnesses the nutritional power to grow into a produce *producing* plant, containing 9x as many nutrients as their adult counterparts and perhaps 40x more antioxidants.

What research does not mention is how much more easier to digest they are… making it far more appealing to eat a bowl of microgreens than say… 9 bowls of broccoli 🥦.


Improve your sleep. Improve your life.

A shout out to all the hustlers out there but sleep is just as important as diet and exercise.

While there are no magic pills for wellness, one way we can all enhance our quality of life and improve mental health, is to practice better sleep etiquette.

Think sleep is overrated? Insufficient sleep also leads to hormonal imbalance, poor digestion, over-eating, premature aging, poor memory and a weakened immune system.

Get the scoop on how to improve sleep with these 10 hacks.

Eat & Drink

Darna Market. Where Santorini meets Dallas.

When we learned about the opening of Darna Market at Legacy West in Plano, an authentic Mediterranean eatery, I knew we had to go and not just because I love Mediterranean cuisine– Darna sources premium ingredients, making key staples, like dough and hummus, in house.

The space is bright and fun,
the pita was pillowy, soft and fluffy.

While it may not have been the trip to Europe I was hoping for this summer, the experience did not disappoint.

Darna Market is well worth the trek to Plano.

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