Sit. Stay. Breathe. A Wellness Course for YOU and Your Dog.

Our health and how we respond to the world, affects every aspect of our dog’s behavior, health and overall well-being. Dogs are easy. Humans are the ones that make things complicated.

This course, “Sit. Stay. Breathe.” is a collaboration between Miguel Chen, The Spiritual Director of the Dallas Meditation Center and Brad Bevill– the Dog Whisperer. It’s based on the concept that it is the humans that need the most training, not the dogs. 

In this course you will learn how you can improve your mental health and life, and thus the overall well-being of your furry loved one(s).


Could cold therapy actually help manage depression?

If you have been curious about the trend of humans submerging their body into freezing water, keep reading. I admit it, I hate being cold, but this cult-like trend (cryotherapy included) suggests it has the power to increase your *baseline* dopamine, aka: the “feel-good” neurotransmitter in the brain linked to pleasure. In other words, it might just make you more satisfied, motivated and happier in your day to day. Cool, eh?


The Scoop on Beef.

Thousands of years ago, we did not have the luxury of walking into a grocery store to select the cut of beef we wanted.

Despite the delicate topic regarding the consumption of animals in today’s climate, there is a larger issue at play… AKA: What are you ACTUALLY eating when you eat beef– beyond the marbling?!

Are you choosing the grass-fed, grass finished beef, or the standard beef at the grocery? If your health is a priority, it matters… trust us.

It never hurts to be aware.


Low Fat vs. Reduced Fat? Watch out for misleading labels.

Marketing tactics in the food industry can be tricky. It is easy to gravitate towards food labels that claim “low fat” or “reduced fat” because they seem like obvious choices.

We would like to assume Big Food has our back and that these foods are better for us.

Both “low fat” and “reduced fat” labels are red flags that actually do not mean the same thing. Not even close… and one is more dangerous than the other.

Far more concerning than the amount of fat in a packaged food, are the highly inflammatory ingredients used to replace fat in processed foods.

Here are 10 commonly misleading foods to watch out for.


The Benefit of Massage. More than just a luxury.

Massage therapy is far more than just a feel good splurge. Therapeutic massage aims to enhance blood flow and move lymph, which when left stagnant, can cause water retention, low energy and other uncomfortable health conditions.

No one likes being puffy!

Regular massage can not only help to improve circulation, but also aid the body in the natural detoxification process, strengthen the immune system, reduce cortisol, enhance digestion, improve mood, and help to circulate and transport oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

In other words, if you are spending money on supplements, eating well and staying active… massage therapy should almost be necessary. 😉

Go ahead… start texting your favorite massage therapist!


Dressing, a Dilemma.

Many of my clients get so hung up on the calories, fat, and protein in and on their bowl of leaves, they skip over some of the most useful pieces of information— the ingredients in the dressing on the salad.

Sure, calories matter to an extent but all calories are not created equally and some dressings can take a perfectly happy and healthy salad and make it inflammatory.

Here are some tips for choosing salad dressings wisely…

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