Sit. Stay. Breathe. A Wellness Course for YOU and Your Dog.

Our health and how we respond to the world, affects every aspect of our dog’s behavior, health and overall well-being. Dogs are easy. Humans are the ones that make things complicated.

This course, “Sit. Stay. Breathe.” is a collaboration between Miguel Chen, The Spiritual Director of the Dallas Meditation Center and Brad Bevill– the Dog Whisperer. It’s based on the concept that it is the humans that need the most training, not the dogs. 

In this course you will learn how you can improve your mental health and life, and thus the overall well-being of your furry loved one(s).


Spin for a Cause.

If you step into a Terlingo Cycle class with John Terlingo, you quickly realize this is not an ordinary spin class.

It is no wonder Terlingo has a cult following of riders. The candle lit studio holds 42 bikes and the class we went to was packed with jazzed humans, excited to mount their ride. For 45 minutes, the music pulsed and we forgot to think about anything other than the ride and the music.

This Saturday (10/15/22), Terlingo opens its 42 bikes on a donation only basis, to support the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge, preceeding the Farrah Fawcett Foundation’s fundraising event on Oct 20th which benefits both Hope Lodge and Stand Up to Cancer. 


Bloated? Try these 13 simple hacks.

Feeling bloated is physically uncomfortable.

The intestines are a whopping twenty-five, to thirty feet long. Meaning, meals have a long way to travel until they meet their exit. Feeling bloated is such a common occurrence, that we often chalk it up to being “human” but it is actually a signal from the body that something is not right. 

Check out this article for 13 tips for axing bloat.


Healthy Swaps. Not sacrifices.

Diets are not sustainable for a number of reasons, but often because they can feel overly restrictive and limiting. When the pendulum swings to one extreme, it often swings back.

Little daily swaps can help you to feel better faster, without also feeling like you are missing out on foods and flavors you love.

Check out these 5 swaps and tips.

Eat & Drink

Should you go Vegan?

Countless research suggests eating a more predominately vegan diet consisting of whole, plant-based foods, can radically improve our overall well-being but the boundaries outlining what actually constitutes as “plant-based” have become quite blurred. 🥦 vs. 🍔

What most of these studies fail to elaborate on is the stark difference between adding vegetables to the diet and reducing animal consumption, versus exchanging animal products for something resembling the former, but made with highly processed “vegan” ingredients. 

Actual vegetables, can be a powerhouse of nutrients, containing beneficial properties we do not glean from a traditional steak and potato diet. However, we also don’t get them from a processed vegan diet either.


The Esthetician that Invests in You.

Regardless of your skincare woes, if you are looking for an excellent esthetician that will be incredibly invested in your skincare journey, I’d highly recommend traveling the distance to McKinney and working with Allie Nicole.

Allie’s knowledge, attention to detail and careful consideration is like no other esthetician I have worked with. Each time I leave her space, I feel rejuvenated, glowing, hydrated, depuffed and hopeful.

“My goal is to help you understand why you’re experiencing various skin conditions and provide long term solutions, not just “band-aid solutions,” Allie says.

We believe it.
She’s worth the drive.


The TINY Superfood you should be eating.

Microgreens are like “pre-vegetables.”

They are nutritional powerhouses. Each tiny microgreen harnesses the nutritional power to grow into a produce *producing* plant, containing 9x as many nutrients as their adult counterparts and perhaps 40x more antioxidants.

What research does not mention is how much more easier to digest they are… making it far more appealing to eat a bowl of microgreens than say… 9 bowls of broccoli 🥦.

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