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What you should know about your cup of Joe.

Coffee is the #1 highest sprayed crop. Many of these pesticides and insecticides sprayed directly on the crops end up in the coffee that we drink. YIKES.

But wait… there is more! In addition to pesticides, mycotoxins, produced by certain types of molds play a big part in terrorizing the body.

Stubborn weight? Headaches? Hormonal imbalances? Depression? Mood swings… joint pain? If you are sipping on coffee right now, you need to read this article.

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Should you go Vegan?

Countless research suggests eating a more predominately vegan diet consisting of whole, plant-based foods, can radically improve our overall well-being but the boundaries outlining what actually constitutes as “plant-based” have become quite blurred. 🥦 vs. 🍔

What most of these studies fail to elaborate on is the stark difference between adding vegetables to the diet and reducing animal consumption, versus exchanging animal products for something resembling the former, but made with highly processed “vegan” ingredients. 

Actual vegetables, can be a powerhouse of nutrients, containing beneficial properties we do not glean from a traditional steak and potato diet. However, we also don’t get them from a processed vegan diet either.

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Darna Market. Where Santorini meets Dallas.

When we learned about the opening of Darna Market at Legacy West in Plano, an authentic Mediterranean eatery, I knew we had to go and not just because I love Mediterranean cuisine– Darna sources premium ingredients, making key staples, like dough and hummus, in house.

The space is bright and fun,
the pita was pillowy, soft and fluffy.

While it may not have been the trip to Europe I was hoping for this summer, the experience did not disappoint.

Darna Market is well worth the trek to Plano.

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12 AWESOME products you can only find in Natural Grocers.

In Dallas, we’re lucky to have a handful of nice grocery stores, but there is something special about Natural Grocers. It’s the place to snag unique gems IRL that you’d only really find in hip and healthy spots on the West coast. 

Have you tried Majestic garlic fluff? Or Pickled Planet Kraut? What about raw fresh goat cheddar?

Whether you are in Dallas or not, these are products you want to know about if you are a wellness nerd.

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Parigi. Not just for Ladies that Lunch.

Parigi, meaning “Paris” in Italian, has been around for over 37 years and somehow I am only now stumbling across this little gem.

If you’ve never popped in, you might just assume its for “ladies that lunch” but if so… I certainly want to be one of those ladies… because they have excellent taste in food.

Parigi sources much of their produce from local farmers, the seafood is sourced from sustainable and responsible fishermen and the cheeses come from small batch cheese makers. 

In our opinion, the artichokes are the best in Dallas, hands down.

Pop in for a light lunch, or full dinner. Or… if you are like me, perhaps a martini and grilled artichokes 😉.