The TINY Superfood you should be eating.

Microgreens are like “pre-vegetables.”

They are nutritional powerhouses. Each tiny microgreen harnesses the nutritional power to grow into a produce *producing* plant, containing 9x as many nutrients as their adult counterparts and perhaps 40x more antioxidants.

What research does not mention is how much more easier to digest they are… making it far more appealing to eat a bowl of microgreens than say… 9 bowls of broccoli 🥦.

Eat & Drink Nourish

12 AWESOME products you can only find in Natural Grocers.

In Dallas, we’re lucky to have a handful of nice grocery stores, but there is something special about Natural Grocers. It’s the place to snag unique gems IRL that you’d only really find in hip and healthy spots on the West coast. 

Have you tried Majestic garlic fluff? Or Pickled Planet Kraut? What about raw fresh goat cheddar?

Whether you are in Dallas or not, these are products you want to know about if you are a wellness nerd.

Eat & Drink Nourish

Is “Alkaline” water all it’s cracked up to be?

“Crazy Water has been making people feel good inside and out since 1881” and we won’t disagree. This mineral rich water is magical because it is naturally mineral rich and naturally alkaline.

Most waters contain “added” minerals to make them alkaline.

Suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia, or inflammation in the body?

Let Crazy Water be your BFF.

Eat & Drink Nourish

Beyond Organic. The *only* lettuce you should be buying from the market.

The hydroponically grown greens at TrueHarvest Farms are so consistently delicious and beautiful that I want to be drinking whatever nutrient dense cocktail they are sipping. Goals: I want to be as pretty as their lettuce. 😉

Inside a greenhouse the size of a football field space is a sea of beautiful leafy greens. It is best described as a Luxury Lettuce Farm.

TrueHarvest Farms is not a “Certified Organic” Farm… What they are doing is revolutionary.

The future of food and nutrition is beyond organic.

Eat pretty food to feel pretty.