Could cold therapy actually help manage depression?

If you have been curious about the trend of humans submerging their body into freezing water, keep reading. I admit it, I hate being cold, but this cult-like trend (cryotherapy included) suggests it has the power to increase your *baseline* dopamine, aka: the “feel-good” neurotransmitter in the brain linked to pleasure. In other words, it might just make you more satisfied, motivated and happier in your day to day. Cool, eh?


Hello, from the Founder.

Hi! It’s been a while since I have said hello. My name is Lauren, the Founder of Feel Good Dallas and a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

As a holistic nutritionist, I believe everything is connected. Regardless of whether a client comes to me with chronic migraines, depression, anxiety, or to lose weight, etc. —> I start at the same place: I look at gut health, nutrient density (and simplicity) of diet, digestion, elimination, sleep, hydration, supplementation, etc.

Read more about my story and how to work with me.


Be the Magic, Now.

The reality is, the only thing holding us back from being **truly** happy are just illusions. 

We are not talking about the practice of “being more present.”

We confuse BEING JOY with SEEKING joy. We are waiting to achieve X before we can fully enjoy Y.

What is stopping you from enjoying life now? The answer could change your life.

Eat & Drink

What you should know about your cup of Joe.

Coffee is the #1 highest sprayed crop. Many of these pesticides and insecticides sprayed directly on the crops end up in the coffee that we drink. YIKES.

But wait… there is more! In addition to pesticides, mycotoxins, produced by certain types of molds play a big part in terrorizing the body.

Stubborn weight? Headaches? Hormonal imbalances? Depression? Mood swings… joint pain? If you are sipping on coffee right now, you need to read this article.


Improve your sleep. Improve your life.

A shout out to all the hustlers out there but sleep is just as important as diet and exercise.

While there are no magic pills for wellness, one way we can all enhance our quality of life and improve mental health, is to practice better sleep etiquette.

Think sleep is overrated? Insufficient sleep also leads to hormonal imbalance, poor digestion, over-eating, premature aging, poor memory and a weakened immune system.

Get the scoop on how to improve sleep with these 10 hacks.