(Mental) Health is Wealth

When you are trying to "do it all", your Mental Health can take a back seat. But there lies the biggest problem of all... Mental Health **is** wealth. Here are 5 things you can do now to start improving your well-being today.

In a world that is constantly contradicting itself, finding your own way can feel exhausting.

Especially when it comes to “health” do lines often get blurred.

When our foundation is shaky, it is easier to attach ourselves to someone else’s notion of what “health” is, and thus jump from thing to thing, and from idea to idea, without ever seeing through what it is that makes us feel our best. 

We lack consistency.

We work harder, but not smarter.

We fall victim to marketing and buzzwords, instead of really researching what is inside.

To me, “long term success” starts with mental hygiene. Ultimately, “health is wealth” and we view the world through clearer, more vibrant lenses when we can actually see

Let THAT be your foundation. In other words… When thinking about what will make your “tomorrow self” feel better, do that.

I work as the lead Nutritionist at a new concierge wellness space for women in Preston Center— FeminologyMD. I have the honor of working with SO many bright, beautiful and hardworking women that are trying to do it all, or even half of whatever “all” actually means. It is impossible and the result is unintentionally deprioritizing one’s own self-care by supplementing hydration with caffeine, trading out nutrient dense meals for inflammatory snacks and for having to be always on-the-go and at the ready to put out fires. Whew! Talk about an adrenal rush. No wonder our hormones are out of whack by the time we hit our mid thirties. 

With this sort of lifestyle, it is no wonder mental health tends to take a subtle, then major backseat. We don’t even notice that it is happening in real time, until we toss our hands up in exasperation, wondering how the weight crept up, or where our energy went and frustrated that our bodies have let us down, that we are bloated, inflamed, aging, moody, tired, etc. 

Let me tell you, our bodies are absolutely incredible. It is amazing to me that we are surviving but no wonder that we are definitely not thriving.

While there is no one sized fits all cookie cutter solution, here are 5 things you can do right now to start improving your well-being. 

  1. Drink half your body weight in water with electrolytes in it. If you have been reading my articles for a while, you know how I feel about hydration. Hydration is not to be confused with energy drinks, coffees, teas, or traditional “sports” drinks. We have to be property hydrated to not only have ideal digestion, but also to property absorb water soluble vitamins. If you are not hydrated, you are missing out on energy. If you are consuming water all day with meals (this dilutes digestion), and/or peeing all day, you are not properly absorbing water. Reach for a naturally mineral rich water like: Crazy Water, or add tasty electrolytes to your beverages, like LMNT, which can make drinking water more fun. Drink water 30 minutes prior to meals, but not with meals. 
  1. If you are super active in the form of workout classes, but struggling with stubborn weight, stop killing yourself in daily intense workouts and instead cut that in half and go for a mandatory walk each day, at least 3 miles. Intense workouts, can drive up your cortisol levels and knock your hormones out of balance. However, that does not give you permission to skip workouts. If you are looking to boost your overall well-being, a long walk is a must. 
  1. Plan to be hungry. Stop reaching for the inflammatory trail mix because it’s there. Bring a nutritionist approved seed bar, pack your own sprouted pumpkin seeds, or bring a beef jerky, or cottage cheese to wherever it is you are going, or leaving. Inflammatory foods cause inflammation. Inflammation is the root of most disease, including depression, weight instability, premature aging, etc. 
  1. Eat a simple, protein rich breakfast before 11am every day. When you are not getting enough nutrients, and/or when you are hungry, you are more likely to reach for simple carbohydrates that drive up your insulin levels and throw your cortisol out of whack. When you are not getting enough nutrients, you are also more likely to overeat when we do it. When we fast for extended periods of time, or rely on the “fake fire” of caffeine, we can throw our hormones off. This does not mean eating a donut, instead of not eating at all. This means we want a simple, protein rich breakfast for breakfast— be that poached eggs and sautéed spinach, an organic cottage cheese, or if you need something more comforting, carb-heavy and warm, a slice of sprouted toast with avocado. 
  1. Trade in your traditional pasta for brands that include protein, fiber (a must: minimal ingredients you can pronounce). You will be less likely to eat the entire box and spike your blood sugar levels if you enjoy a pasta with protein and fiber. Pair it with roasted veggies and a fresh leafy green salad to really up your nutrient game. 

Your mental health matters. When you prioritize self-care, even in small doses, you can change the trajectory of your overall well-being. 

Work with Lauren Gillan, CN. You can find her at FeminologyMD.com in Dallas or @laurentgillan on Instagram.