The 30 min reflexology reset.

No appointment needed. Hit the reset button on your week with an immune boosting (and cost effective) combination of foot reflexology and shiatsu massage. While it’s no relaxing, spa experience, it can be quite medicinal and just the “pick me up” you didn’t know you needed.


The Witch Doctor of Lymphatic Drainage.

Her consistently booked schedule speaks volumes. Leslie Forsyth is an intuitive healer than understands the lymph system. She’s magic. A true diamond in the rough. A session with her is more about uncovering root issues than it is a superficial, therapeutic technique.


Lymphatic Drainage

When lymph fluid becomes stagnant, the immune system becomes compromised, skin can appear dull and congested and areas of the body can feel heavy, swollen and uncomfortably puffy. 

Lymphatic Drainage therapies can help improve lymphatic function.