Just Breathe. The Benefits of Meditation.

Integrating a meditation practice into your daily life can enhance your overall well-being. But if you’re one of those people that’s “too busy” to slow down, getting started can be tricky.

This is why Breathe with Sound at “Breathe” in Highland Park is pure magic.


The Witch Doctor of Lymphatic Drainage.

Her consistently booked schedule speaks volumes. Leslie Forsyth is an intuitive healer than understands the lymph system. She’s magic. A true diamond in the rough. A session with her is more about uncovering root issues than it is a superficial, therapeutic technique.

Eat & Drink

The New Roots. Whole Food, Fast.

If you were a Roots customer before, the new spot is a noticeable upgrade. Now, you can not only stock-up on fresh, hydrating green juices and local elderberry syrup, but also grab an avocado toast for breakfast, a panini for lunch and some protein bites and snackies for later. Walk out with a few “to-go meals” for the week, along with some hard kombucha, or organic and sustainable wines and you. are. set.