Just Breathe. The Benefits of Meditation.

Integrating a meditation practice into your daily life can enhance your overall well-being. But if you're one of those people that's "too busy" to slow down, getting started can be tricky. This is why Breathe with Sound at "Breathe" in Highland Park is pure magic.

Do you meditate?

Studies show that meditation can help to reduce and manage stress and anxiety, improve sleep, enhance memory and prevent memory loss, help with addiction, reduce anger, encourage self-awareness, kindness and love (towards one self and others), lower blood pressure and manage pain.

After 2020, we could all benefit from integrating a daily meditation practice into our lives. Especially, if you are one of those people who doesn’t feel like they have time to meditate.

Oh hi! It me!!

Whether you are new to meditation, just beginning, or just intrigued, there is something magical about the “Breathe with Sound” classes at Breathe Highland Park. 

I’ve never been one to slow down, or meditate. But the time flew by, as I lay on their cushy, cloud-like mats, and allowed the sounds to swim over my body, like a massaging dance. Once the class was over, I felt a renewed sense of joy, as if someone had just packed up my anxiety and channeled it into something to be inspired by, and cleansed of. 

I’d highly suggest going for an unlimited monthly pack, and getting in there daily.

The shop itself was perfect. High vibe, crystal infused nail polish, blends of meditative oils and aromatherapy in pretty glass bottles, beautiful manifestation candles. Each product was obviously hand-selected with love and the perfect gift for any wellness lover. I had to walk myself out of there before I purchased everything. 

Source: Healthline