The Magic Rock Shop.

Do you believe in the magic of the earth? The magic, within? Although crystals, incense and sound baths may sound a bit… “granola,” our ancestors have valued crystals and other earth healing modalities for ages. If you are in DFW, The Silver Pyramid is a place to find it all. We have magic within us. You just have to believe in it.

Nestled in the Town Square Shopping Center in Richardson, once home to a Whole Foods (now empty), and no longer a “destination,” is the oldest metaphysical store in the DFW Metroplex– The Silver Pyramid.

Although crystals, incense and sound baths may sound a bit… “granola,” our ancestors have valued crystals and other earth healing modalities for ages. Poets, in the Middles Ages, wrote of crystals and their magic and mysticism. Gemstones appear in the Bible (Onyx stones are not only the first, but also most frequently referenced stone in Scripture ). Royalty has adorned themselves with gems for both protection and to represent abundance… Buddhists and Shamans have used them for spiritual cleansing and healing…

“Metaphysics” is a type of philosophy, or study, that uses broad concepts to help define reality and our understanding of it.


Today, crystals are making their way into the modern world. As the idea of daily meditation becomes more mainstream, so do these once, “hippie” metaphysical elements.

There are many people that frown at the lack of “proof” behind the mysticism of the metaphysical, yet, those same individuals will proclaim that a body of water can feel “healing”, Nature, or gardening, relaxing, or that wiggling their toes in the sand fills their heart with bliss.

The Earth holds energy.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

-Albert Einstein

While the idea that crystals (or any metaphysical element) could have any sort of healing property may bring on the eye rolls, the Earth can be an incredible healer, if and when, we open our hearts to its healing. Therefore, if holding a crystal and lighting sage can bring us back to our power and presence, how is that, not magic? 

Clearly, I am no rock expert. I affectionally refer to my rock collection as my “magic rocks,” but I am drawn to them, which is how I stumbled upon The Silver Pyramid.

From singing bowls, to incense and other worldly meditative accessories, I am not really sure what a newbie expects to encounter in a metaphysical store, but for whatever reason you walked in, you’ll likely find it the Silver Pyramid.

The store itself has all sorts of vibes. It’s kind of a “cool-weird” and precisely, the type of place I’d get excited to stumble upon by myself, but not the type of place I’d suggest that my higher-end clientele and friends, seek out. 

The store is full of all sorts of items, but I am there for the rocks, every time. 

Magic ROCKS, you will find. 

If you are new to “magic rocks,” I would suggest googling crystals and their healing modalities before entering, but you can also wander about and see what items attract your attention. Got questions? Ask their eclectic, and well-versed staff.

Here are just a few more common crystals I seek out, for myself and to buy as gifts. 

Happy Rock Hunting! 

Citrine — Manifestation 

  • Attracts abundance, wealth, and prosperity.
  • Balances emotions.
  • Clears the mind.
  • Elevates self-esteem.
  • Known as the “happy stone.”
  • Ideal for manifesting and achieving goals. 

Amethyst — Dispels Negativity and Stress 

  • Shields against negativity.
  • Mental clarity and memory.
  • Natural stress reliever.
  • Promotes feelings of 
  • Calm amidst chaos.
  • Promotes more restful sleep.

Clear Quartz Crystal — Balance and Spiritual Wisdom 

  • Considered the Universal Crystal because of its many uses.
  • Enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying and balancing energies. 
  • Master healer. 
  • Increases spiritual wisdom.
  • Promotes clarity and creativity.