Anxiety? Cravings? Try this combo.

This unique combination of cupping and acupuncture of the ear totally transformed my nightly carb cravings and reduced my stress levels!

It is not uncommon for a trained acupuncturist to use “cupping” on a client after a full body  acupuncture session, but in this unique combination therapy, customized by skilled acupuncturist, Kari at Hiatus Spa, tiny needles are placed on specific points on the ears, instead of the body (also called ear reflexology, or auricular therapy), corresponding with the same meridian points that the cups are placed on the back during treatment.  

Ear reflexology is considered specifically effective in managing pain, anxiety, and addictive behavior. When cupping of the back is combined simultaneously, the suctioning of the cups along the meridian promotes blood flow in those same points the ear points are addressing. 

As the cups are moved along the back, toxic stagnant lymph is broken up for release by the body. This unique combination produces more rapid, and noticeable results, including a decrease in inflammation. 

I was seeing Kari for full body acupuncture and cupping irregularly when she suggested we instead try the ear points. After that first session I felt an overwhelming sense of relaxation— as someone who can be very prone to anxiety, the relief was immediately noticeable. 

Kari is this quiet and interesting goddess of a lady that looks like she could be perfectly content meditating in the forest in some magical kingdom. She has this tranquil but confident energy about her— as if she knows exactly what she’s doing without feeling obligated to explain.

With an event approaching, I started to see Kari once a week. 

In just 3-4 (60 minute) sessions, I one day realized I no longer had intense food cravings, or the desire to eat an entire bag of chips, or bar of chocolate, every evening— something I’ve struggled with off and on for years. My PMS symptoms also seemed to dissipate drastically. 

I’ve never experienced these type of results with any therapeutic treatment and it was not until we shifted to this unique customized combination that I noticed an overwhelming difference and have made it part of my lifestyle. 

While you can’t just order up this combo, you can schedule a full body session for her to better assess what combination (or lack there of) would be best for your specific needs. Kari will listen to your pulse and place acupuncture needles and cups where she feels the body is lacking.

Starting my week off with Kari always resets my system and sets me up to feel my best. 

You can find Kari at Hiatus Spa on Lovers and Inwood by calling: (214) 352-4111

Located at: 5560 Lovers Lane, Unit 250, Dallas Texas 75209