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Brunch. But make it designer chic.

It’s safe to say that Dallasites love a brunch as much as they do an exclusive scene. As silly as some of the prices are at Sadelle's-- I have to say, their fresh salads are arguably some of the best around town, making this place a great spot for a clean and healthy brunch.

It’s safe to say that Dallasites love a brunch as much as they do an exclusive scene. 

At Sadelle’s, you get all of the above. 

The NYC based brunch hot spot, now in Highland Park Village, is totally gorgeous, yet charming and chic. It kind of reminded me of Barbie’s little sister, Skipper— aka: Bubbly energy and adorably and fashionably dressed. 

The upscale “diner” is a sea of aqua blue cushy chairs with accents of flamingo and salmon. Even the bathrooms are cute. The soft pink marble and brass finishes had me taking mental notes for my future home. 

Sadelle’s may be a cute place to snap a selfie, but here’s the thing— Some of the prices are just plain silly. 

What do I mean when I say, “silly” pricing?

I don’t know about you, but an $18 egg sandwich seems a bit steep until you place it next to a tiny $55 baked potato, ahem… make it $96 with caviar and creme fraiche. I tried to validate the caviar component but an avocado toast for $18?— What are we, at Erewhon Market in Los Angeles?

While I have yet to get over the $100 potatoes… 

There are definitely more intelligent ways to spend your cash at Sadelle’s and actually eat very clean and healthy.

For starters, many of the dishes are designed to share (they’re just not labeled as such).  

I am not saying pancakes are FGD approved, but I will say that the $19 blueberry pancakes seemed a bit over the top, until I realized that they could easily be shared amongst a family of four.

Perhaps, I am validating the fancy pancakes, so let’s skip to the important part— 

Why am I mentioning Sadelle’s in Feel Good Dallas, if the prices themselves seem “unhealthy”? 

Quite simply because despite being baffled by the tiny potatoes, I’d 100% go back for lunch and a cocktail and here’s why. 

I tried some sort of tequila matcha martini. If you like matcha, it’s exactly as one might think it to be…

I often struggle to find a fresh and hearty salad dining out. 

I feel like they usually have about 15 pieces of lettuce, a few shrivels of carrots, nuts, cheese and some sweet dressing. These little salads are often around $12-15 dollars. 

But at Sadelle’s, the salads are robust and the smoked fishes were incredibly legit. 

Not knowing about the larger portions, I ordered the $39 “Freddy” salad  for myself and the $23 “Greek” for our table of 10. 

The “Freddy” came with a beautiful portion of leafy greens, half a creamy avocado, my favorite— “hearts of palm”, crispy gluten and grain-free shallots and a mild, but tasty Dijon Vinaigrette (plus shrimp, which I do not eat). 

The Greek was also just as gorgeous, fresh and big enough for at least three salad lovers to be completely satiated… plus, the menu offered quite the variety of vegetable options.

As someone who does not eat bagels, or smoked salmon, I was delighted to find that even I loved the “smoked sable” and was impressed by the presentation.  I mean, how could you not silently “ooh and ahh” at fresh smoked fish, tomatoes, cucumbers and capers on it’s own multi-tier of platters.

I am 100% guilty of being an ingredient snob and therefore would rather head to Sadelle’s and split a fresh Freddy with a friend and order a side of smoked fish, than spend $15 for a few pieces of lettuce and require a second lunch. 

While Sadelle’s did appear to have some nice entrees for dinner, the decor is more suited for a Sunday Funday, or midweek lunch and cocktail. It’s just got that playful feel to it.

Our takeaway?

Enjoy the scene (if you can get a reservation). But when it comes to potatoes, we’d rather spend money on health generating and rejuvenating services around town.

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