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Our Favorite Organic Juice Bars.

Our top 5 organic juice bars in Dallas. Delicious. Refreshing. Alkaline. Healing.

Our 5 favorite Organic Juices Bars— with the emphasis on ORGANIC.

Buda Juice—

Always organic, raw and unpasteurized we love Buda Juice because they have a variety of “low sugar” green juices in a no frills, bells, or whistles little shop. Which also means no lines, or crowds– You just skip straight to the good part, grab your juices and go. Buda also offers a refreshing juice cleanse package and tasty little elixirs.

Bonus: Anyone we’ve ever met that works at a Buda Juice is pretty freaking awesome.

FGD Dallas Favorites:

  • No Sugar: “Celery” + “O1 Green Juice” + “Clarity”
  • A touch of apple: “Balance” 
  • Super Cleansing: “Red Juice”
  • Immunity Shots: “Nettle Allergy Shot”

Follow them on instagram: @budajuice

For Locations, click here.

The Gem—

The colorful logo says it all. The shop is a total babe. It’s hard to compare our favorite organic juice spots because usually, we are on the go. However, should you want to sit and visit with a friend, recharge, or grab something beyond a juice, or smoothie— then 1000% go to The Gem. It is a total vibe

From organic fresh pressed juices, to smoothies, elixirs, salads, our fav CGH elderberry syrup, soups, raw fermented coconut yogurt and even beet (yes, beet) and matcha lattes, we’re not sure what they are missing— they even have juice cleanses. What a gem, indeed.

FGD Dallas Favorites:

  • No Sugar: “Celery” + “Flawless”  
  • Sweeter: “24 Karat Magic” + “Green Glow” + “Radiant Glow”
  • Super Cleansing: “Ruby Slipper”
  • Immunity Shots: “Immunity Mix” 

Follow them on instagram: @thegemjuicebar

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Why we love it? We came to appreciate this little hipster chain of juice bars while living in Austin and it screams “Keep Austin Weird”. We love it because of its colorful and organic, raw selection of green juices but also because of its convenience factor. Walk into the store and pick up a fresh, raw, pre-bottled juice (they make them fresh in Austin and deliver), or place an order at the counter. 

Juiceland not only has juices and cleanses, but also smoothies, lattes and totally plant-based to-go meals (that are actually healthy— not fake schmeats).

Bonus: What’s also really awesome about Juiceland (that has nothing to do with “juice”) is that they make their own fresh almond and hemp seed mylks— it’s not from a box. Oh! And they have our favorite mineral rich water– Crazy Water— available too!

Follow them on instagram: @juiceland

For Locations, click here.

Brewed + Pressed

B+P Uptown used to be our hangout before it closed, leaving just their cute shop in Victory Park. Things have changed since pandemic, but we LOVE their organic juice selection (and organic coffees). Actually, of all the organic juices, Vivid Greens seems to be the most nutrient dense. B+P Is a great place to hang with your laptop and knock out work for a few hours, plus the people that work there are awesome (and they have very tasty raw cookies, crackers, and light bites).

FGD Dallas Favorites:

  • No Sugar: “Vivid Greens”
  • Sweeter: “Orchard Greens”
  • Super Cleansing: “Deep Roots”
  • Immunity Shots: “Ginger Shot”

Follow them on instagram: @brewedpressed

For Locations, click here.

The Juice Bar

While not 100% organic (they say its 83%), The Juice Bar does not disappoint with their healthy variety of raw and unpasteurized juices and “shots” that always taste super fresh and clean. Not in the mood for a juice? Have them whip you up a smoothie, or Acai bowl bar in minutes and if you’re in the mood for something denser, they also have “Overnight Oats” on hand. 

We love that The Juice Bar makes grabbing something “healthy” really convenient, offering a number of low sugar green juices and then some sweeter offerings. It’s not really a place you stay and linger, but better for walking and talking. We love their little Highland Park Village location, especially on a sunny day. It’s easy to grab something healthy with a friend before shopping around, or finishing up a walk. You can also pick up one of our favorite immune boosters— Cassie Green’s Elderberry Syrup

FGD Dallas Favorites:

  • No Sugar:  “Celery” + “Super Skinny”
  • Sweeter: “Green Detox”+ “Skinny Greens” + “Skinny Coco”
  • Super Cleansing: “We Got The Beet”
  • Immunity Shots: “Hot Shot”

Follow them on instagram: @thejuicebardallas

For Locations, click here.

Note: During pandemic restaurants and juice bars alike struggled with supply chain issues, making 100% organic all the time really difficult. So if you do not see it on the label, just ask! Sometimes a brand will remove it to remain transparent with their customers and… if they are not 100% organic, it could be something as simple as not using organic lemons in their juices. 😘