THE TOX. The Buzz about Dallas.

The TOX, is not your grandmother’s spa. The spa prides itself on a special, results driven lymphatic drainage technique that will leave you feeling better and looking slimmer, from head to toe. It's all the buzz.

There’s been a lot of buzz about a new spa in Dallas called— “THE TOX.”

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The spa is focused solely on “lymphatic drainage,” an age old technique that is now making its way onto higher-end spa menus. The TOX, which has made it’s way from Los Angeles, to Miami, NYC and Dallas, has it’s own special, results-driven technique, however, and influencers rave about it. Read more about it here.

Historically, “lymphatic drainage” therapies have been utilized by immune compromised individuals, before and after surgery, by those suffering from edema (swelling of the limbs) and expecting mothers— individuals that are not moving lymph comfortably due to extenuating circumstances. You can learn more about lymphatic drainage in this article here

Anyone can benefit from increased blood flow (a good massage) and especially, properly executed movement of the lymph from the tissues (where it can become stagnant and uncomfortable) into the bloodstream. 

Not only does lymphatic drainage enhance immune function but on a superficial level— it can significantly de-puff the limbs, stomach and face, creating more defined toned arms and legs, a slimmer face and a flatter stomach. Naturally, this is an appealing side effect. 

We couldn’t stand hearing about this Dallas “Hot Spot” anymore, so one of our Secret Shoppers checked it out for us and here was our takeaway.

When you first walk into TOX, it is immediately obvious that this is not your grandmother’s spa.

Dark sleek walls and cement floors create an almost forbidden, seductive and cool vibe— suggesting you might not belong, but if you are here— you are in the know.  

TOX has an “exclusive club” vibe.

While the staff is very nice and friendly, you get the feeling you are in a Member’s Only Lounge amongst models.

A large glowing chandelier, adds a touch of warmth to waiting area, but not much. 

Don’t expect relaxing spa music, or Enya, but rather exotic VIP club music. Black velvet drapes section off the front area, as if you were waiting to see if your name made the cut on the list. Once you’ve been taken back to your therapy room, you’ll find that you are not in a room at all, but rather a dark curtained off space for you and the therapist. The room matches the vibe.

The TOX is known for their special, results-driven technique and results you will get.

The session itself is a combination of manual lymphatic drainage (applied with gentle and more firm fingers applied to the skin), and also a more intense suctioning done with “cups”.  Read more about “Cupping” in this article here

“The TOX definitely has their technique down”, our Secret Shopper reported back.

As with any good lymphatic drainage session, you should have to use the restroom afterwards. Peeing out TOX-ic fluid and if the therapist has stimulated and shaken up your digestive tract (which they are known for at TOX), well then, expect this session to be overall good for your digestion (hence the flatter stomach). 

FYI: Your therapist will offer to take before and afters, if you wish.  Follow them on instagram @thetoxdallas for before and afters.

With pricing of $199 for a single session, we found TOX to be a place to aspire to experience, yet alone be a “member” of, which they make perfectly clear with their VIP club like atmosphere and higher pricing strategy. 

But our Secret Shopper said it was definitely a detoxifying experience that she would recommend to any of her friends… so we guess the buzz is legit.

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Address :
University Park 4348 Lovers Lane

Dallas TX, 75225