The PhotoFacial that will change your life.

I had no idea I had Rosacea until Pandemic hit and the redness in my skin only seemed to worsen with stress and "mask life." This treatment gave me back my life.

I have always had sensitive skin with pinkish undertones. I have always flushed with too much wine, or foods rich in histamines.  Skin issues are what led me to change my diet become a Holistic Nutritionist, focused on gut health.

But when 2020 hit and “mask life” became the norm, stress was peeking around every corner, and my routine (and diet) became inconsistent, I developed what I later learned to be “dermatitis” followed by a “rosacea-like” “mask” that worsened with stress— which naturally increased every time I looked in the mirror and wanted to cry. (Oh… and cry I did).

Weeks turned into months. I felt hopeless and depressed. 

The damage seemed irreversible. 

Then… I stumbled upon a post by “House Of Preservation” highlighting their “BBL Photo Facial” with results that appeared— miraculous. 

Knowing nothing about BBL— I picked up the phone and scheduled a consult. 

What’s BBL? 

Great question. Basically, miraculous. 

BBL is basically a skin treatment that uses light-based technology to stimulate your skin cells and regenerate new collagen, producing a more youthful and even complexion, with virtually no down time.

It is used to treat brown spots like sun damage, age spots, liver spots, freckles, redness, rosacea and broken capillaries and acne

My Experience?

Okay. Honestly, I was nervous walking into this session. Lasers??? Will it hurt? What will it do? Will it work? Will there be negative side effects??!

TBH. Since I am prone to anxiety, my only **note to self** is to avoid coffee prior to my next visit because I literally nervously talked a mile a minute during the entire 35 minute session. 

I personally experienced no pain. There was just a little warmth with each half a second “zap”. If there was any discomfort it could best be described as a quick zing from a rubber band made for the tiniest mouse. The “zing” was almost non-existent. 

The only aspect that actually caught me off guard was the flash of light with each zing. While your eyes are covered in little goggles, it was still alarming to see that strobe-like “flash” with each zap of the laser. 

Victoria, my laser tech was AMAZING. I loved her. So knowledgable and understanding of my distress. Our consult was quick. Victoria made feel so hopeful and at ease with everything that I couldn’t wait to actually try it. Even though I had just planned on a consult, I lucked out with a “covid cancelation” from a former client and jumped right in. 

I was in and out of there in under an hour. The actual procedure started with a layer of cool gel being applied to my skin, and then magically, 40 minutes of girl chat later, I saw a major decrease in redness for the first time since pandemic and immediately scheduled my next session. 

For the next few days I felt an increased sense of warmth on my skin, as if I had spent time walking in the sunshine on a warm Texas day— but my skin continued to reduce in redness as the days went along— despite a wild weekend out in Dallas. 5 days after my second visit, my skin looked WAY better than it did after the initial treatment. 

Every case is different, but there is a recommended 3-6 sessions for maximum results. A session is recommended every 3-4 weeks, but not sooner, giving the skin ample time to regenerate. 

As embarrassing as these are to show, if I can help someone regain their confidence well… here you go.

Apt. #1 Week One Results (side view) because I couldn’t bare to post the frontal photo after spending months in hiding with depression –> The second photo is Photo Facial #3. Obviously, not flattering photos…

First Treatment.
Third Treatment.

To be completely honest, during the second treatment I saw immediate results but then more increased redness the next few days as my skin regenerated– which I was glad I experienced BEFORE going to an event.

I love this treatment SO much. I waited about 8 weeks before going in for my 4th treatment just because after the third treatment, the redness was so much more manageable. Overall, the Photofacial not only reduced the redness I was experiencing, but also significantly improved the weird scaly texture I experienced as a result of the dermatitis.

I would highly recommend HOP.

The expense has been worth every penny.

Source: House of Preservation.

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