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Latest from the Blog

Low Fat vs. Reduced Fat? Watch out for misleading labels.

Marketing tactics in the food industry can be tricky. It is easy to gravitate towards food labels that claim “low fat” or “reduced fat” because they seem like obvious choices. We would like to assume Big Food has our back and that these foods are better for us. Both “low fat” and “reduced fat” labels…

The Benefit of Massage. More than just a luxury.

Massage therapy is far more than just a feel good splurge. Therapeutic massage aims to enhance blood flow and move lymph, which when left stagnant, can cause water retention, low energy and other uncomfortable health conditions. No one likes being puffy! Regular massage can not only help to improve circulation, but also aid the body…

Is cardio helping or hurting you?

We often think to exercise more when we want to get lose stubborn weight. However, adding more cardio to your routine may actually be a hindrance to slimming down, if your cortisol levels are not in balance. Curious if you fall into this category?

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