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12 AWESOME products you can only find in Natural Grocers.

In Dallas, we’re lucky to have a handful of nice grocery stores, but there is something special about Natural Grocers. It’s the place to snag unique gems IRL that you’d only really find in hip and healthy spots on the West coast. 

Well sort of… because some products may be available online and on amazonbut you are not likely to find them in any stores.

Here are 12 awesome products you cannot *really* find anywhere else in Dallas and why you should stock up.

Majestic Creamy Garlic

This Southern California brand has a cult following on the West Coast. It is every garlic lover’s dreamy, creamy dollop of heaven. Made with flax, for a healthy dose of omega 3 fatty acids and free of soy and canola, it is absolutely perfect slathered over a piece of toast, dolloped onto a baked potato, or used to elevate any sauce, dip, marinade, or dressing. Anywhere you’d use galic, use this spread. You will thank us later.

Read more about them here. Unfortunately, they are unavailable online but you can check their store locator to see if there is a spot near you.

Raw Kraut by Pickled Planet

Kraut has been around for thousands of years. Authentic kraut is naturally an excellent source of prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes. Unfortunately, most kraut is pasteurized, eliminating many of the benefits. Pickled Planet is made in small batches in Portland, Oregon and it is a legit “living food” full of all of the good stuff.. Eat by the spoonful, top off your salad, or wrap with it, or enjoy however you like. Pickled Planet  offers several “flavors” but we love the “lil kim chee”, which has all the tang of a kraut and a little heat. Read more about them, here. Find it here.

Raw Goat Cheese by Sierra Nevada

Tragically, many big grocery store chains stopped carrying “raw” unpasteurized cheeses which is a total shame because they are not only tasty, but easier on the digestive system and quicker to metabolize.

Raw cheeses are technically lactose free. When left raw, enzymes in the dairy “digest” and break down lactose– the sugar found in all milk. Lactose can cause digestive discomfort for many.

Goat and sheep cheeses, in particular, also have much smaller protein molecules than those found in cow dairy products, making it easier for our bodies to break down. Sierra Nevada has a few raw options and some non-raw but absolutely delicious, quality products. Raw + Goat (or Sheep) is where it’s at… but if not raw, goat or sheep cheese is preferable to cow dairy.

Gopal’s Sprouties– Sprouted, seasoned pumpkin seeds

Nature is BRILLIANT. Seeds and nuts do not desire to be eaten. They want to grow into a mature plant, reproduce and keep the cycle going. To protect themselves, they naturally contain enzyme inhibitors that prevent proper and complete digestion.

When you SPROUT a seed, you trick it into thinking it will have the opportunity to grow, releasing the enzyme inhibitor. Why does this matter? Because sprouted seeds and nuts are easier to digest and metabolize, but also enhance the body’s ability to absorb the more nutrients from these little powerhouses. Goopal’s also makes very clean and heavenly bars and other snacks. We love pumpkin seeds, as most people with nut allergies seem to do well with them. Read more about the brand, here.

Raw Sprouted Majestic Hummus 

Do you like hummus?? Speaking of sprouted, this sister product to Majestic creamy garlic fluff is LIT. There are no junky additives. The product is never watered down. It is thick and rich in flavor and plant-protein. Soy-free. Gluten-free. Sugar-free. Raw, sprouted, nutritious and delicious. Again, this company has a cult following on the west coast, but you cannot find it anywhere in Dallas outside of Natural Grocers. (But if you can, let us know). If you are dying for this hummus, be sure to call ahead… they often sell out.

Healthforce Nutritionals Supplements 

I first learned about this brand when I was in college in Southern California. They make the highest quality, vegan, clean products I have come across. 

Amp of your smoothie with their spirulina. Fight of bad bacteria, yeast and Candida with their SCRAM pills. Enhance your liver function with their Liver Rescue. Aid digestion with their Digestive Enzymes. We love and trust all of their products.

Outside the Breadbox Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

I personally don’t eat bread, gluten-free, or not… but these bad boys happened to be in my freezer on a very stressful day and the title “Cinnamon Raisin” was giving me all the childhood feels… So I toasted one up and slathered it in Kerry Gold Irish Butter… I seriously felt like I was in heaven. Plus, the company is just cool and their ingredients are way cleaner than most gluten-free bread products I come across. Learn about them, here.

Rawkin Raw Truffles 

Made with dates, coconut, almonds and other superfood blends (like maca), these are indulgent, delicious and energizing little morsels. They are more than a dessert. They are an adaptogenic, mood enhancing and functional… FOOD. 

Laloo’s Goat Milk Ice Cream.

Goat dairy is often easier on digestion than cow dairy due to a smaller protein molecule but it RARE to find an ice cream made with goat milk. Laloo’s ice cream is rich and decadent, so a few spoonfuls really hits the spot. This brand has grown tremendously over the years, but it is rare to find them in most stores these days. Check them out here.

Organic Freeze dried PEAS by Natierra.

One ingredient. These little guys are fun to pop in your mouth. I love to grab them for movie nights and road trips. They might not be low-carb (because peas are just naturally higher in carbs) but they are rich in protein and way easier on the digestive system than popcorn and chips. Peas are also considered “Whole30 approved” these day, just in case you were curious. 😉 Find them here.

BLK Water.

Most water is depleted of minerals. Once upon a time, our food, soil and water contained fulvic acid, a naturally occurring compound with extraordinary characteristics containing all of the building blocks of life: trace minerals, electrolytes, amino acids, polyphenols, antioxidants, and peptides.”

BLK water is black because it is enhanced with fulvic acid. It is considered naturally detoxifying, beneficial for digestion and may help reduce inflammation, amongst many other claims. If you drink it on an empty stomach, you are likely to notice a reduce in bloating, or constipation.

The taste is mild. We love it on a blah day, or after a night out. But also… would happily drink BLK every day for max benefits. Get it here.


This SoCal brand is the only brand of roasted seaweed that uses 100% pure olive oil. Most seaweed is roasted with sunflower oil and may be cross contaminated with common allergens like sesame and soy. I worked for this brand for several years in the past and know with absolute certainty that they go the distance to source the highest quality seaweed and ingredients. We have only come across them in Natural Grocers as of late. Find them here.

BONUS #13: Crazy Water.

We love CRAZY… so we had to mention them again. Crazy Water is available in a few spots, but ever since Whole Foods eliminated them, I love to shout them out at any chance. They are a naturally alkaline water, full of beneficial minerals and magic properties.. Read more about our favorite water, here.  We could drink them all day!! 

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