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The 30 min reflexology reset.

You don’t need a full on spa day to hit the reset button (though who’d turn down that offer?). 

You just need Kan Xiu Palace Reflexology.

Hungover? Lethargic? Feeling down, or out of it?

Hit the reset button on your week with an immune boosting (and cost effective) combination of foot reflexology and shiatsu massage.

Time is a non-issue. Kan Xiu Palace offers a variety of foot reflexology and shiatsu massage combinations with no appointment needed. Choose between 15-60 minute intervals.

I like to choose 15 minutes of foot and either 15 (or 30 minutes) of Shiatsu.  

While you won’t feel like you are in fancy spa, and most certainly not a “Palace,” in Eastern Medicine, it is believed that certain points on the foot correspond to specific organs and systems of the body. When a specific point on the bottom of the foot is especially tender, it is thought that the corresponding organ, or system is congested, or “out of balance”. 

When pressure is applied to the foot, it is believed to bring healing to the corresponding area of the body. This therapy is called Foot Reflexology and you can read more about it here.

Why the combination of therapies?

Any massage, or pressure applied to the body, may help to increase blood flow. While it may not feel relaxing in the moment, the combination of pressure and improved blood flow can reduce tension and stress, help to boost the immune system and aid the body in more rapid detoxification.  

Shiatsu massage is a stretching of the whole body.

The massage consists of applying pressure on various acupressure points in order to stimulate them and balance the body’s “energies”.

Sometimes, a lot of pressure. Breathe through it, or tell the therapist to lighten up.

The whole 30-60 minutes is not what I’d call “relaxing” — it’s medicinal. The focus on the internal organs and systems via the foot, combined with the increased blood flow from the massage, enhances the overall outcome.

It is important to note that depending on what organs and systems are congested in your body, you may feel quite uncomfy.

While I would not suggest going to this little spot if you are injured in some way, (please see your chiropractor, or Health Care Practitioner) if you are looking for a reboot, you have sinus pressure, or you’re just feeling “out of it”– power through the 30+ minutes and you are likely to walk out feeling better than when you arrived.

The “Palace” is located at 5627 W Lovers Lane, Dallas, Texas 75209

Phone: 469.930.0333

Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm

Appointments and walk-ins welcome.

FGD Note: Most therapists at this place do not speak English well (if at all) and each therapist has different techniques/use different amounts of pressure- some that I like better than others. But despite this discomfort I can feel during, I always walk out of there feeling way better than when I walked in. Please do not visit this spot if you are injured.
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