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This Korean inspired bathhouse is truly an “experience.”

You won’t find Highland Park socialites canoodling at this Korean-inspired bathhouse. 

It’s not that type of place. 

King Spa attracts a diverse crowd from all across the metroplex. People looking to to heal their body of ailments and sweat out “toxins,” or just decompress. 

It’s unique, to say the least. 

What to Expect:

King Spa is divided into two sections: dry (clothed and unisex) and wet (unclothed, although bathing suits are considered acceptable, albeit unusual).

The “dry” section has a “movie theater” and giant chairs that people sit in for hours. There is casual dining offering authentic Korean dishes (though I wouldn’t consider their food “healthy”– it also caters to families that go to King Spa Water Park). Depending on the time and day you venture in, it’s safe to say you will see a handful of families with some well-behaved middle school aged children. 

The majority of guests are usually enjoying the facilities— Whether resting in one of 10 unique dry sauna rooms, soaking in one of the soothing spa tubs, steaming in the wet sauna, or getting a full body scrub down, (ahem… while totally in the nude)— It’s a place where modesty is left at the door and relaxation and healing becomes the equalizing purpose.

Prior to entry, you will be instructed to remove your shoes (shoes are dirty and unwelcome) and be given a locker room key with a number. This number will become your identity while inside– serving as a booking and payment method.

You’ll will also be given a uniform— (a pair of long baggy shorts and an oversized t-shirt) so no need to worry about attire. 

I have always gone to King Spa solo— my only companion a book, or podcast. I enjoy cruising around for a few hours, visiting the different rooms— ranging from “The Salt Room”— made from a base of salt rocks claimed to be over 350 million years old— to the Hinoki Cypress-Wood Room— a room full of beautiful crystals and Hinoki wood. 

Each room has a healing purpose– and if you are in tune with your body, you will feel something.

I am always game to try new healing modalities that promise clearer more radiant skin, lower inflammation and stronger immune system, but it’s not a place I could imagine any of my Dallas girlfriends visiting with me. It’s no Four Seasons.

The Takeaway:

While 3-4 hours is not long enough to experience anything miraculous, I always leave feeling better than when I arrived. Sure, a massage at a high-end spa feels luxurious, but a day at King Spa feels… cleansing, restorative and also incredibly appreciative of my apartment with all of my creature comforts and… clothes.

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